Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fitting the Bill

Before Scott Schuman was The Sartorialist, before Tommy Ton fetched Jak & Jil and before my team of talented, amazing photographers and spotters for The Institution of Style  went snapping photos of UA&P's stylish, there was Bill Cunningham.

It's definitely possible to say that Bill Cunningham started the whole thing. We owe much to the man and I feel ashamed that the only time I learned of him, was after getting Scott Schuman's book. It's a pity for me, really. Anyway, this is definitely worth your time. This whole craze over real people and real style, photography, fashion, culture and making celebrities out of stylish people is deeply rooted here. Imagine Anna Wintour saying that whenever Bill Cunningham ignores you, it's something like dying?

Here's a legend alright and I'm watching this documentary this week, even when I'm already working (God I love saying it).

- Gerard

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