Saturday, July 9, 2011


Jacob Coupe + Sebastian Sauve @ Frankie Morello Backstage

God this reminds me of high school...when everyone's high on something, M&M's probably or too much Coke (not the bad kind), I probably got too buzzed on iced tea, I drank like three-four bottles a day and I didn't eat. Everyone was just crazy, running around and had the energy to run an entire city.

Now, I could be this hyped up for only a good thirty-minutes. 
Boys of Frankie Morello and Justin Wu's all here (Wu is said to be the pioneer with all these awesome backstage videos and the models lipsynching). Simon's here, Chico's here, Vladimir's here, Jacob's here, Sebastian's here---who probably  is the most energetic of the bunch, and everyone else.
Seems like lots of fun, I tell you.
Plus the music's great...

Good job Luca Finotti, I think I like this better than the too-sexy, too-naked Kings of Milano.


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