Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm thinking if I should buy myself a second copy of Where The Light Is cause CD one's been missing for years and you know that when it's that long, it's gone somewhere only God knows. This is definitely one of my favorite CD purchases since I started collecting CDs back in the 7th grade. But what happens is, all my favorites usually go missing like that really cheap, but awesome, awesome Ella Fitzgerald CD, that resurfaced after months of it gone missing. Then there's Justified by Mr. Timberlake, that almost broke under a pile of old CDs, and now I couldn't play it. So yeah, do you think it's wise to buy me another one? I love it so much and I feel like I'm wearing zero underwear under a nice suit without CD one (forgive the comparison). Hmmm...

Well, here's one of the best performances off the CD. Wonderful. It's so cool and bluesy with hints of rock n' roll...I'm talking trash again about music, which is definitely not my forte so just listen and enjoy!

- Gerard

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