Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally, the Man

Menswear is definitely growing in popularity and relevance, probably because nowadays men are more attune to what looks good and what works for them. Gone were the days when only a few of us cared about what we put on our backs (I started out young...and foolish. I cared but cared for the wrong things. hahaha) and now, almost every man I know, straight or gay, has at least a pinch of knowledge about things that concern fashion and style. 

While I'm waiting for jobs to call me back and weighing out the pros and cons for some of them, it did pass my mind to take up a design course, menswear specifically. I didn't dream to become a designer when I was young, but now I see the importance of great quality clothes, especially for us gents, since not everything out there is worth the money we work hard for and it's not like women's fashion that they have almost limitless options that would suit their styles, their budgets and the lot.

I was thinking of doing a menswear line that sort of bridges the gap between formal dressing and sportswear, something like an Ermenegildo Zegna/Ralph Lauren meets Alexander Wang's Menswear line and Adam Kimmel. Those are the type of clothes I see myself wearing and as of the moment, I couldn't find myself any brand here that could afford me that. As they say, if you can't find any story you like, it just might be yours you're looking for...So why shouldn't I take up classes in menswear right? Well, not now for me. But I've considered it and will plan to do so in the near future.

For those of you who share the same predicament or are just driven by a passion for men's fashion and style, why not be your own tailor/designer and stylist and get learned from the country's finest fashion school: School of Fashion and the Arts. When my friend AJ---who works for the institution, told me that SoFA was offering menswear courses, it excited me. Finally, the Philippines is focusing on the man. Learn the ropes and be your own Menswear designer and stylist with these awesome and very useful courses: pattern-making and sewing & styling for guys.

Hey, if Luis Espiritu's your professor, why not?! The hell that's a major deal
This one I'm really looking forward to attend soon...hopefully

If you have the time, the passion and the money for these courses, by all means take these courses. And while I wait it out here, you could be the designer/stylist I've been waiting for, so get stylin' gents! Check out their website for more information, or better yet visit the school in Makati.

Thanks AJ for the heads up and the photos.

- Gerard

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