Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fashion Week Ramble

Patrick Kafka and a model I have yet to know.
THOSE SUNGLASSES @ Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012 are killing me.
Sonny Photos
Still not over Pitti? Well you better get over. Hah. You want to get hooked, hungover on something better, I recommend you check out Milan Fashion Week...Assuming that you haven't yet, it's worth the time. In my case, those morning/afternoon shows happening in Milan all go livestreaming from Europe in the night time here and I look like crap inside my room cause I've been waiting for the shows. 

I've been blasting Milan Fashion Week tweets on my account and I'm sure some of my followers are finding it annoying. I apologize. First of all, I really am annoying. Second, Menswear Milan Fashion Week is pretty much the equivalent of all those Mav/Dallas tweets when they were winning, Pacman during his fights, how Darren Criss is singing a certain way on a new episode of Glee, or you know how people, at parties, tweet their every single breath away? So yeah. Third, I rarely tweet sensible things, so...

Ryan "Happy Handsome" Kennedy + someone I still don't know
@ Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012

The awesome sun-ray sweater
@ Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012

The shows I've seen live were good: Dolce & Gabbana---God knows how great it was to watch all those backstage moments and Burberry Prorsum, which was amazing. I have to check the schedule so I'd know what's good to watch today. But so far, the best looks are coming from Burberry, Neil Barrett and my all-time favorite this season, Ermenegildo Zegna. 

Why is it that Vladimir Ivanov (left) gets all the better looks? Hmmm
@ Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012

What I've been picking out, it seems like Marni will be looking nice. Prada's pulling out the neckerchief's on us, Roberto Cavalli's 70s fever ain't so bad and the soundtrack at Moncler Gamme Bleu was in fact, Star Wars. Of course, Milan Fashion Week wouldn't be all that impressive if the models weren't. They're still there, Chico Lachowski, Paolo Anchisi, Brian Davenport, Noah Mills, Jacop Coupe, David Gandy, a better-looking Nicola Jovanovic, Jon Kortajarena, Andre Ziehe, Jules Schratter, Vladimir Ivanov---who is slowly creeping his way to the top of my favorites list, River Viiperi, Simon Nessman...I haven't been seeing Sean O or Garrett. Cory Bond too is kinda missing... 

Anyway, it's still pretty early to say that these three have missed out on Milan Fashion Week. Today I'll be dedicating hours and hours of reviewing collections and after doing two last night, I realized I need an entire day. I almost shed a tear doing a review for Ermenegildo Zegna. Felt extra lively doing a Burberry Prorsum review (which is oddly saved for posting 'till June 23 on GOODIES). Well, I think I'll start doing those reviews now...God knows just how many shows I've yet to look at and study, and to think this isn't even a job of mine but a past time I keep. What more reviewing them for real? Imagine show hopping with almost nothing to eat in between? I was about to say it's so chic, but that would be incredibly pretentious of me. hahaha... I was telling a new found friend on Twitter, Indiebon, that I'll actually do better if I were physically there---which is true. I feel more energetic when I'm on the move. 
@Jil Sander Spring 2012

60s/70s chic @ John Varvatos

What I haven't been liking would be the hair at Jil Sander. I don't hate it and I understand it's to achieve an effect, but I don't see anyone rocking a wet, wet, wet look like that. But actually, the clothes are quite likable. As always, at Jil Sander, it's smart, elegant in a brand new way and always so sharp. The bags though are genius! John Varvatos is alright for me. Some pieces I believe I'd wear, but overall, the look is nice... 

My photo.
It's such a thick, beautifully designed book
Well, I better get going kids. This day I promised would be a busy day for me. Still not employed and the waiting ought to be spent wisely. I'm a hundred pages shy from finishing On The Road by Jack Kerouac and---just to test my literary courage and patience, I finally got a copy of David Foster Wallace's The Pale King. I was strolling inside Fully Booked yesterday, on the hunt for a good read and stuck on a pile somewhere on the first floor of the bookstore were fresh, new copies of the novel in perfect, perfect plastic wrap. Seriously, it felt like the book chose me, not the other way around. So good luck to me reading that, I have other things to read still and I feel like an entire day is never enough.

No introductions needed. Chico "The Babe" Lachowski

OH and cause Chico's all over the place (as if I'm surprised), check out his handsome cover for CARBON COPY's Summer 2011 issue. What a babe you are Chico, even if I think you're too famous now.

SO much for rambling, I'll be updating soon. Follow me on Twitter if y'all want to read my impulsive tweets about Fashion Week and why Facebook is so weird lately. And also drop by THE EDGE for those lengthy reviews.

credits: All these amazing, super cool backstage photos are from SONNY PHOTOS (the best place to go to, I promise you)

PEACE! Stay fresh kids!

- Gerard

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