Friday, June 17, 2011

Pitti So Far

Day 2, Pitti Uomo. Smoke it baby!
photographed by Nam STREET FSN

So I'm a homebody this weekend, all cause I'm sick and it's really hard for me to breathe. 
But what's making it worse is how Pitti's turning out. I'm consumed by envy at all those photos Tommy Ton, Nam, ACL, Guerreisms have been showing. Everybody in blazers, going sockless and smoking reds with their sunglasses on, I mean, cast judgment on my inclinations, but this is their world and for me, it's a handsome world. 

It also pains me---you know that kind of pain/anger you felt when you were around 3 or 4 and just recently learned how to throw a hell of a tantrum? that's how I feel now, to see all these tweets on my feeds from Esquire's Fashion Director, Nick Sullivan, DETAILS' Senior Style Editor, Eugene Tong and Fashion Marketing Director, Matthew Marden (who happen to be friends) talking about peacocking and streetstyle blogs and who to follow or twitpics of how a reversible Mac by Black Fleece looks like...

It also doesn't help for my emotional core that I'm following Sartorially Inclined's L.A.S. who just has all the goods covered during this week. I'm like, I seriously should be one of them. Not cause I know I'm talented, but just because I feel like I should be there, you know? It might be signs of social climbing for all I care, but I really, badly want to go there and witness it all. 

Sadly though, I couldn't put up a decent review of the very first show for Menswear Spring 2012 for my other blog, THE EDGE because I'm not a fan of Scott Sternberg's Spring 2012 Band of Outsiders collection. And the rule is never to bash a designer (for my blog at least) or, put in more decent terms, never write a bad review. So if I don't like a collection, I just skip it. But what's never worth the skipping from Band of Outsiders this year are the shoes. THOSE BOAT SHOES!!!!! I felt like throwing a better, more tiring tantrum after seeing them. Check them out:

These pairs are amazing. They're delicious I'm telling you and if ever (please God make it sooner), I finally get a job, I'd really save up for these babies. As for the clothes, well, as I've said, I'm no fan. There are good things, but still, I found some of the clothes just okay. But this one, I'd gladly wear. The tie's got such a cool touch to the monochromatic blue and it makes such a good break from all the darkness of it. 

COOL! All photos by GQ

I think by tomorrow, the shows will start rolling down the runways and hopefully, I'd be able to provide you with reviews for both THE EDGE & Goodies. In the meantime, enjoy some street style photography. (Seriously, I hate everybody now. They're all so stylish and good-looking...I hate them and I'm jealous. ahaha)

Pristine, yet masculine. STREET FSN
I used to like red a lot. Then didn't. Now I like it again. STREET FSN

Two of my Street Style Heroes:
Josh Peskowitz (the man I want to be)
& Nick "The Wooster" Wooster
by Tommy Ton for GQ
Great minds think a like. 
There is something so cool and---oddly, holy about this picture.
I beg you. Anybody tell me who he is...Please...He's turning out to be a new favorite of mine.
(Currently too sick to function...All cause of Pitti...What more when it's Paris Fashion Week...God help me)

- Gerard

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