Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How do you say Stylish in Italian?

How the Italians do it, thanks to Street FSN

Pitti Uomo... that week in Italy that's all about menswear and what we're bound to wear (or aspire to wear at least) for next year's Spring season started today. And as you know, street style now a days is probably the equivalent---if not better, of what the boys wear down the runway. So the buzz over what the big boys are wearing during Pitti Uomo will get your heart palpitating, cause it's always that stylish.
Street FSN's photoblogger Nam, whom I had the pleasure to interview last year for THE EDGE, is a big, big, big name now and his photos are such amazing slices off of the fashion world (believe me, the photographs will take you to depths and/or heights of greed and envy---at times lust. They're that palpable.)

So, day 1 at Pitti Uomo, courtesy of Nam, is looking perfect! How do you say "Stylish" in Italian? Oh I only dream of the day that I'd be one of them those street style shutter bugs would take photos of...

My favorite

- Gerard

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