Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Heat List

David Foster Wallace & his late greatness @ GQ
Summer starts today, for me. Why? Wala lang. Grades are out (and final), and yes, I've done well. All of my hard work has finally paid off.
I'm waiting for my last one subject---that one subject I have been nervous about for probably a month now, and this is exactly how summer has felt for me for ages. 
A lazy, waiting that could stretch for forever. And while I'm (hopefully) finally done with school, I decided it's time for a summer lifestyle change. 

Here is a compilation of great things I've been interested in for a while. From David Foster Wallace's intriguing GQ story (not to mention his much-talked about novel The Pale King) to Laureen Uy's super style to our photoshoot, to Goodies magazine to Perry Como and more.
Let's quit the yapping and get it on with the Heat List.


David Foster Wallace's story on GQ is very interesting so far. For me, the great thing about it is how fellow writer and author of this article, John Jeremiah Sullivan writes about the controversial and contemporary literature icon. Read more about it and answer the question, why the hell should we care about David Foster Wallace, here

THE EDGE column @ Goodies mag

When a certain Kelvin Zlochevsky e-mailed me sometime ago, I had no idea what Goodies Mag was. The invitation to become a columnist for the New York-based online magazine was more than humbling. One of my dreams has always been to write as a columnist for a newspaper. That was when the internet wasn't the internet. Goodies magazine, in a nutshell is a guy's magazine. From all those babes you'd want to be with to the music you ought to listen to to the latest eateries 'round the world and to more masculine concerns you should be concerned with, Goodies has got it figured well. Make sure you check out soon what I'm writing for Goodies. I've been thinking about Star Trek lately and its odd connection to Prada...Why? How? Well, better read it when it's done. 


Jean-Philippe Delhomme for Kitsune's Spring 2011 campaign @ HighSnobiety

A GQ reader would know JP Delhomme, for his languid, super chic and cool illustrations are regulars at the Style Guy section. This Spring 2011, Delhomme lends his awesome touch to Maison Kitsune's for handsome illustrations that tell a fantastic story. If only clothes really looked that cool, I'd spend a leg over them. Great work Delhomme...Now if only I could have these framed.

My favorite summer lady look @ BreakMyStyle

Undeniably one of the most fashionable personalities I've seen, Laureen Uy shows ladies how a dressed-up summer looks like. She's always turned out, no doubts about that, but this super chic ensemble is my favorite. What I love about it is how it's all so summery, what with that almost sheer top lined with pink, buttoned-up to perfection and paired down with a beautifully-printed skirt. At first I thought it was a dress, but her credits prove that with the right pieces combined, you could create a look that's all your own. I'd be Tommy Ton to whoever could dress this elegantly. People just don't dress this clean and polished these days. We're too casual a generation, I'm guilty, and this is an example that dressing up sometimes does you great things. Follow Laureen's blog and keep track of her stylish adventures....

Papa Loves Mambo by Perry Como

Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman

Knowing this blog (and me), old school tribute and reference is a must! I'm giving my usuals the break (Dean, Clift, Brando, E & F Fitzgerald, Shearing, Holiday, etc.) for two P's: Perry Como and Paul Newman. Since I've been hooked on old school songs sometime now, I listen to my grandmother's station of choice after lunch...Dr. Love on Radio DZMM plays you all these old-timey tunes and when you're young, you'll think it's cheap, old, korny and what have you, but for those of us who have a classic bone, this is a pretty fun station to tune into. Perry Como is a playback king in Dr. Love's station and it doesn't hurt that he's pretty stylish and one of the great-looking men I've seen. 
Paul Newman is another stylish inspiration. After seeing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with the late Elizabeth Taylor, I started to like Paul Newman a lot. He and McQueen, I believe are more of the same calibre, than the Holy Trinity. Anyway, Paul Newman is a stunner for sure stylewise and as an actor. I'm downloading more of his movies and I'm excited to watch them all.


Hey doll. Jessica Stam and loads more of today's most beautiul people @ICanTeachYouHowToDoIt
Great-looking people, you could say, is my drug of choice. There is no other experience out there for me that could take you on a high than seeing and oggling at handsome ladies and beautiful men. I Can Teach You How To Do It by fellow Gerard, Gerard Estadella is an amazing blog (and why I found it just now, I have no idea). This is definitely one of the blogs I'll be frequenting this summer, just so I have inspiration when it comes to taking pictures and being taken. Just always remember to put your best face on and you'll surely get photos as great as Estadella's.


The most beautiful rucksack I've seen @ Selectism
The first ever rucksack I had was from my mom's, a black bag printed with Mickey Mouse's profile all over in different colors. Then I have my Forever 21 one which is really the biggest bag I have and I've used it way too often. This Bill Amberg Hunter Rucksack though is definitely an art. The delicious leather, the color, the tiny gold accents, not to mention the deep sea green inner lining of this bag that makes it extra charming for me, has got me begging for money in the streets. Maybe going back to school is a great idea, I mean, I could pursue my master's degree AND carry this around, now that's an amazing deal right there.


I still can't believe she has kids and she's not in her teens. Sasha Pivovarova, otherwise known a just plain Sasha, is a mad presence on the runway. And by mad I mean that in the best, most casual way. Top model---and not just a title you throw around, Sasha's awfully beautiful here for Free People and she's looking radiant, young and oh so fragile, it kills me. I'm having this video on my iPod soon. And I can't hold myself from tearing up when she's doing that two-tooth model smile, it's beautiful.

I'll be coming up with more of these while summer's here. Enjoy you guys!

- Gerard

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