Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Rogue

Steve McQueen from The Selvedge Yard

"I don't believe in that phony hero stuff." 

So he claims, but I consider him heroic when it comes to style and having left something very inspiring for posterity. Their generation of stars, I will always find most appealing...and I guess that's because I find them relatable and there's something romantic about the way they looked at things. They sound cold and bitter and too brooding to some, but to me it explains having seen much of the world's pains but having the good humor, the mystery and the tiny bit of humility to handle them with. Most definitely my definition of a rogue. This month is his birthday and this is sort of my tribute to one of my idols. 

Oh, and if only I could jump and be as cool-looking as him playing frisbee...When I play, I don't have the time or the natural ability to look good and be photographed. 

- Gerard

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