Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now, I am excited

Sure I've seen this days ago and already sort of memorized what's written on it, but the mere fact that it's actually coming true (well, actually true) is just amazing for me. So, yes, coming soon, you shall see what I've been up to and you just might probably be adding something new to your reading list.

Now, I am excited and keeping it contained is real piece of work I tell you. Thank God for this.

Shout out to Kelvin Z. hope to hear from you soon.

- Gerard


  1. CONGRATS :*

    -another G :)

  2. Hi thanks!
    Shit, now I have to guess who you are... :( HAHAHA...THANK YOU ANOTHER G! :D

  3. Hahaha! I wish you didn't have to guess :( I've been a blog reader for around 2 years now and when I see you in school (particularly ACB 5th HAHA STALKER MUCH) I really wanna say omg g you write so well i want to write as well as you do btw my name is g BUT HAHA I ALWAYS IMAGINE LIKE SHIT WHY DO I SOUND SO LAME

    so now that you're graduating..... goodbye? HAHA DRAMA :(

  4. Oh my...Can you just say your name? I'm out now. hahaha...ANO BA you're sooo... hahaha...Dramatic nga. SHOW YOURSELF! Hahahaha...And don't be a stalker (?). hahaha...Say NA! :|

  5. hahahaha natawa ako kay another G, how pathetic!

    -another pathetic reader na ayaw umamin :))))))

  6. Hay nako...Well, okay lang yan! hahahaha....Quitter lang talaga ako sa mga ganito, what a weakling. hahaha.... Sana anonymous rin ako para masaya! hahaha...asar