Sunday, March 13, 2011


Japan: Land of the Rising Sun

Dear Japan,

I've been watching your country closely these past few days and just how much damage both the Earthquake and Tsunami brought to you. I could never imagine how terrible it would be and one of the worst feelings now would be feeling helpless and unable to reach out and help. I am sorry.

It's heart-breaking to see this happen but I believe that you will rise up again, like you've proven many times before. Besides, resilience is not exclusive to great nations but is something the human soul is naturally gifted with. Lives may have been lost and my sincerest prayers go out to them, but there are still so much of you alive and I pray that you will recover fast and that no more of these things would (hopefully) happen. 

They say prayers are for the weak, and I am weak, but it's the best I could do now...Pray that resilience may come soon along with healing and a sense of new life. God bless you Japan...I know you are strong and are capable of bigger, better things.

- Gerard

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