Friday, March 18, 2011

Sean & Garrett

Garrett: Mmmmmm.... Sean: I still hate balloons
Photo by Jules Schratter

It's supposed to be Great-Looking Friday today, but instead I opted to post a black and white photo of two of the most brilliant faces in the male modeling world by Jules Schratter. To your left---that is if you haven't been to this blog before, is Garrett Neff and to your right is Sean O'pry.

I'd want to know what they're talking about. Why Garrett's worried or bothered by something and why Sean's teeth are so white. Ever wondered what models talk about? Back in the days I believed models were seen as good-looking airheads, but thanks to technology (YouTube and those other platforms) it seems that models of today are not only well-traveled, but are also quite witty and having wit takes a certain sense of timing and know how and brains. Airheads can't do that. 

One day, really, I'd sit down with these two and shower them with questions, but looking at their ways on video, I just might end up talking with them instead of interviewing them about all these unimaginable things. Jules, I'm waiting for that one last question and then it's a GO for our Salt exclusive. The man's extra kind, you should know that, and his photos are always such a pleasure to look at.

To Garrett, Sean and Jules, God bless your souls sterling men.

And to myself, well, I'm off to do one of my last few requirements for school. Just a short update, I've been given a new assignment by someone... So I've got three projects in store for me in the very, very near future: One I'm going to on Monday, two is promised to happen next week and the third one, I'm not so sure yet of its date, but I got the e-mail.
So...Wish me luck you guys and have a great weekend ahead of you. Japan, I'm still praying...

- Gerard

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