Thursday, February 24, 2011


The two covers of MONDAY magazine's 6th issue

Here it is ladies & gentlemen, my second work for MONDAY magazine.
My mom loved my last contribution for MONDAY and she's been waiting for something to sort of rival it. I am praying that the one I wrote for this issue would turn out just as good as the first one I did. And personally, I found this homework for MONDAY more, well, relatively taxing, but whatever kind of writing assignment anyone would give me I take very seriously cause this is my super first love. 

Again, thank you to Conch for this, I am dying to meet you, wherever you are. Conch gives me such interesting assignments, it's hard to say no (and I never say no to anyone anyway). They constantly challenge the things I know and how I should work my way around things I'm not always familiar with, while with LA's assignments (ones for ROGUE), it's bending what I already know into a new style, both of which are always such pleasures to work on (and with).

Now my concern is---like all other magazine-related concerns, which cover would end up with me? The Buddhist or the Nun? Can't wait to see it. 

Get your copies, hopefully, out soon.

P.S. If by any chance you're an editor from a magazine, whichever glossy you work for, I'm all in for more of these things. (hahahah)...I'm serious.


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