Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New York's Most Stylish

Do you know everybody here? I don't.
I just recognize their faces. Palermo, of course. Lezark and Waris Ahluwalia

I keep going back to that Prada fringe skirt wearing lady I saw years back (when Miuccia went for a sporty fall 2007 collection...that was beautiful) trotting her way through St. Patrick's and that just had the most haunting hold on me...In New York, and I say this every single time, the minute you land on a platform, somewhere in the city, the air hits your face and your just in adrenaline, cause you know everywhere and everyone's an inspiration. So you wouldn't wonder why New York has 50 super stylish people from the fashion world, featured on Stylecaster...
And I'm sure there's 50 more you just couldn't put on publication cause it'll cost you money. But the story of New York always has style in it...No one tires of New York...And if you have, at one point, thought of it as such, it probably just wasn't your day... (unless you really don't like New York, then I understand).

To be Philip Crangi's assistant is a divine NYC starting job.
He's my latest style icon...