Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Pattinson Style

Would you look that beautiful DVN jacket?! 

Always together, these three...And actually looking good everytime
One of my style inspirations  today would have to be Mr. Robert Pattinson. I've always admired his paired-down, easy looks and of course, you can't deny how good he looks in all of those simple designer duds...
Would it be superficial (or pathetic even) to admit that it's him I'm trying to emulate? Oh well...But to an extent, I do. haha

Which is probably why I like him a lot cause I could relate.
And just to UP the Pattinson connection (although Twilight, I'm not such a fan of), to the People's Choice Awards 2011, the man wore the Dries Van Noten jacket I'd murder something for...I'm kidding, but the point is I love the jacket so much and the fact that he's wearing it makes my admiration for the Pattinson style stronger.
Now, I officially declare myself a Pattinson two. hahaha...


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