Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Open Letter to D.V.N.

Dear Dries Van Noten,

I had a dream, one among the finest of dreams I have ever dreamt since God knows when.
What I wore was my all-time favorite look from all your collections: Look # 44.
Yes, it's this same monochromatic jacket that I wore with a grainy white shirt and navy blue shorts and tennis shoes to some afternoon where all I could see are handsome men and women dressed to impress.

I was carrying with me a blood red notebook and sported awesome heavy black sunglasses. I practically look the same, it's just that your beautiful jacket made me look (in the dream), all too important. My point is, I might be making this up, and I might have really dreamt it, but your jacket is the object of my unconditional of now. I have found jackets beautiful before, sure, but this one, in its slouchy yet tailored perfection is a character.

Like all my other dreams, I had to wake up after the best part. Maybe it's a sign that someday soon, I'll be in that same situation, wearing the same jacket, about to attend what seems like a Fall fashion show (cause the Fall shows usually happen in warmer seasons...right?). Of course it's just a dream and unlike some people I know who could afford your stuff, this is bullshit. But being the simple soul that I am, I could only dream of your jacket. And in my dreams, it fits me so well that I have to sleep early tonight and pray to the Lord that your jacket would visit me again...

I love your work Dries Van Noten and I will get this jacket even when it's 50 seasons behind and even when I finally get me a beer belly, so huge, it's like carrying seven kids on pregnancy.

Love, Gerard...

P.S. You might think I'm crazy...In fact, I am. This is the best jacket I have ever seen in fashion since Yves Saint Laurent's original Le Smoking. And this is an opinion of mine. And I credit such crazy-writing to Samuel Beckett's confusing Endgame. Tomorrow, I promise you, I'll be fine after weeping over such a beautiful piece of fashion.


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