Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(Not) So Moody

This is because Joel, Cindy, Jonas, Jamie D. made me smile...They're great people 
All photographs by Aaron Articulo

Jordan, looking all big and handsome

Donald...Still my favorite Disney character
This by the way is Maximilian, the bag...

The Clydes...And I remember Paolo Ramos telling me the more beat-up it is, the "junky-er" it gets. And I like it a lot

It's the all-black, monochromatic look, which I love doing on days that demand much from me. Usually, it's like that...When I feel like I have more free time in my hands, I let my mood take me to dressier looks (and this is in personal, relative context), but when there's pretty much a lot to do, it's going realer for me. Which is probably why I love that look number 30 from Jil S. I remember telling Tj that I can't go out wearing just a shirt, a white shirt to be very specific, but after some bit of moody realization, I suddenly wanted to go simpler than usual (I know, others wouldn't be fans of it, but that's style and that's what makes it nice). 

After seeing everything that's on my plate, I badly wanted to just wake up one day, extra early and shop for food, good books and bring my super close friends with me to take them to a beach...I know it's awfully so young and escapist, ala Where The Wild Things Are to an extent, but I've been haunted by it...The idea of letting things go and never coming back afraid, is oh so romantic and taken from the pages of novels...
I guess I have to admit to myself that these moods of mine are pretty much lording over me and at 21 years old, it's a bit unforgivable. That's why, I choose  face things...I mean, we all have to. All the pressure of school, work and everything else that fits so perfectly in between are slowly pulling at my strings and soon, I just might come incredibly undone...

Then again, I get over the feeling. When it comes to personal troubles, ones that don't involve matters of the heart (you know what I mean), I give myself time and space to feel things, feel bothered, feel afraid, feel weak and confused and hurt and hateful, and then when I've maxed it out, I let it go, sleep things off and wake up, a pinch more aware of what things should be and what really matters...

And that's Philippine Historiography, two mid-terms this week, catching the rerun of my play, FREE HUG and a pretty tensing meeting scheduled next Thursday, somewhere in Pasong Tamo extension... As for tonight, well, I feel better, just because I've given myself the luxury of coming undone without ever looking like a mess and actually being one...How it's done? I honestly don't know...Maybe dressing the part helps...Not that it's about dressing like a mess, but rather, unconsciously letting the mood pick the look...
For me, it works just fine. 

P.S. I'm such a silly person. As you can see above, I've given my stuff names, just so that I take care of them better...Hey, judge me all you want, but for me they turn out such huge advantages...And Jordan and Maximilian know that. (hahaha...if one day they'd talk, those things I own with baptized names, I'm certain that I'm crazy).


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