Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great Morning Style

Please, if you know him, tell me who he is...He's been wearing such fantastic things (or maybe he looks like somebody I've seen before)

Very excited to go to school today, because of what I'll be wearing. Nothing extraordinary and if you know me, I've worn that kind of look a lot of times. But it's the inspiration behind it that gets me so happy and smiley. You'll see that tonight (hopefully).

So here is our great morning style...Of course, shot by Tommy Ton for GQ and I still don't know half the people he shoots, but they're all so stylish and amazing, like this gentleman right here. It's very of the moment, what with the denim and the camel vest, but put this decades back or years in to the future, he'll look just as great. And the hair....Of course, the hair...

Who are you? 

Oh well, it's off to studying...


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