Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fit to a T

Look n. 30 at Jil Sander

I wish basic tee manufacturers (the cheaper ones) could afford a t-shirt that looks like this. Never mind that at Jil Sander it's like liquid magenta and it's incredibly breath-taking especially since it's simple and, like I've mentioned at my other blog able to "rival a dinner suit". But what I'm after is the fit. It's a little boxy, has space for the arms and is cut like a superfine machine spent an entire week doing just this...

I wonder how much this will retail for? What's your guess?
I think around $300...No?
Oh well...So far, this has to be my favorite look from Milan...and again, that's so far. 

Of course, one of the reasons why this is such an amazing look is because of the tattoo too on this model, whom I recognize but never know the name of...

So clean, so crisp, so beautiful and to think this is just a three-piece look...

Stunning, really stunning. Raf Simons is a genius.

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