Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hello Doll

Chico Lachowski's super soft bag...Damn, it's so beautiful

On a Saturday night, when there's nothing to do and you (finally) have your Wi-Fi back and you know that this week is the start of Milan Fashion Week...(let's leave this hanging)

Well, Trussardi 1911 goes crazy on me, what with all such buttery looks and luxurious pairings, it drove me insane. It's the magic of the all-leather materials and its effect on the eyes...You wouldn't know they were all made out of leather until you finally read the reviews...Plus the looks are all just so chic and rugged done up in an Italian sensibility.

The accessories are incredibly rich, they look like they'd be lasting even after your kids are old and they'd still be just as beautiful, if not better. And imagine black leather sneakers from Trussardi worn with grey jeans and a well-worn white tee? That's a best-dressed nomination right there...

And those bags, Jesus Christ...The bag Francisco "Chico" Lachowski was carrying just looked at me and had won me over. I believe it wants a name from me... hahaha...

By tomorrow I'd hopefully have a good review of the collection for my fashion blog THE EDGE. In the meantime, I'd be dreaming about everything in the collection (and I wouldn't want to say never to wake up).


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