Monday, January 17, 2011


The original, fat one

The fake, slim one
Photos by Aaron Articulo

Today I was supposed to wear something else...But as the day progressed and the weather had thankfully allowed for it, I went for this loungey, slightly careless  sweater look (inspired by Lounge Acts on DETAILS and Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2011 looks)  and the result seemed quite flattering in person but the other way around on photos.

See, that's the disadvantage of going for a bigger size of trousers. Usually, when I do buy jeans at TOPMAN, and they're skinny, I go for a size bigger...The difference is that they cut well when it gets below the knee and then it's a little baggy up top, which is why the crotch is kinda awkward and makes my already healthy thighs, all the meatier (because the meatier, the merrier). But the better (actually best) part about wearing size-bigger jeans is that it's so comfortable you could f-ing sleep in them. They may not make your legs look as long and lean as an underwear model's, but you'd be hassle-free... and imagine the burden of worrying about random veins, just choking cause your jeans are too tight. I remember wearing good quality skinny jeans on a flight from Manila to (swallow now) the US and by the time I got off at Detroit, I had totally forgotten about the feeling of having legs and being able to walk in them. 

And maybe you might be saying I'm just so pathetic that I'm actually justifying a bad pair of pants, and you know I wish I had skinnier legs, but I actually love the photos and I don't mind it looking all meaty and what have you. Besides, I'm quite old now so matters of image have lessened on my "to-bother-with" list (but it doesn't mean that I don't AT ALL care about my looks. I do, I just put them second. hahaha)...If this had been me years ago I'd start killing myself, but hey, I felt great in that outfit. Oh, and since I told the Aaron Articulo  that my legs were ginormous, he told me he'd edit them...Just for fun. So, here they are. The original, meaty pair and the fake, skinny pair. I love them both, but I love my face the most (smug).

The lesson about style and confidence really does take you a long way. I mean, there are looks offered on the runway that are painful to look at, but there are people who have balls and are able to pull them off, looking like the world was in fact theirs to conquer. And I love it when people bring themselves well, even if they don't have all the goods for it. It says so much about a person who's comfortable with him/herself. For me, one of the most attractive traits about any person is the  ability to make a joke out of him or herself. It's sexy because it measures---for a better, more visual analogy, like a well-worn t-shirt, or how junkie old sneakers fit so perfect on you that even when they look like crap, you just don't want to trade them up. That, takes a certain self-confidence too to pull off, which entails being able to carry one's sefl well and in great humor and most of all a full awareness of the self, right? It's not being self-depracating, but it's about humility and knowing one's self that sort of makes it all so sexy and brilliant and worth admiring.

Not that I'm trying to be sexy, but I'm doing my best to be humble...In all aspects, you know. I guess that's the reason why girls who, say, have a crush on Robert Pattinson are dying everytime they see him it's because he has that "open" trait about him that gives the man a steady stream of young love. It's nice to be comfortable in one's own skin, even when it sounds all so preachy and tiring, but you can't tire of the truth. Right?

And as a last photo for the day, before I head back to reading for Film Theory and trying to do Bottega Veneta justice, here's another photo, which I like just as much as I do the first REAL one.

The "pacute" pigeon feet style

Them suede shoes...
Which BTW, looks perfect with the pale blue of my jeans and sweater

Credit goes to the master of dreamy photography, I'd like to call him my own "McDreamy" hahaha...OR, well, Camilla Akrans, Mr. Aaron "AA" Articulo...And he always takes the dreamiest photos...Duhh...


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