Saturday, December 25, 2010


The Biggest of them all

Wrapped in three normal Christmas gift wrappers, I never had the idea that one among them would be the one that topped my "material" wish list for Christmas.

Well, those three gift boxes were from mom, and since they were strategically bought, she gave it to us (cause my sister had three too) rehearsed, giving the least expensive to the most prized as the last. 
For my first gift, mom gave me a monstrous box of chocolates, my favorite actually and I had a frown on my face cause knowing myself, I'd be gobbling them up by a corner with the lights off (so as to not feel that guilty). Then the next one was a box of the three important magazines I had missed this month, Drake on GQ, Matthew Morrisson on DETAILS and Angelina Jolie on VOGUE. 

Finally, giving me the smallest box of the series, I thought it would be Ralph Lauren's Double Black (cause it seemed that size and this was on my list too), but it was light for a perfume. So after ripping the wrapping apart, I fell to my knees...I rarely like sporty, heavy-duty watches, especially if they're huge, but this model got me at "Everday Use" as Men's Health had labeled it and I knew that the moment I saw it, I had to have it. Since then, it had stayed king of my wishlist. Surely, the greed gets the best of me (and my mom), but it's not so much about the gift really...Of course, I love this watch, so much in fact that instantly, I shuffled my mind for a swell name to christen it with. The first name that popped in my head, because of its red was Jordan...As in Michael Jordan. I was born in Chicago and was a midget kid while Jordan played mean ball in the early 90s, so I thought it fitting. Plus Jordan's a handsome name and the "J" makes it all so tough and perfect.

Anyway, the point is, in the 21 years of life I've had, mom has exemplified love the highest. Sure she does give me most of the things I want and need, but there are so much more things she has taught us than just giving your kids material things they go orgasmic over. It's the act of forgetting ones self...She has the money, I know she does, to spoil herself sick. If she wanted to take an entire day for herself she would. But she's always putting us first and in between us and her, there's about a million other things that occupy her mind and she figures in that long list probably last...

If there'd be one concrete example I could give to exemplify the spirit of Christmas, it would be my mom. It all sounds so pageanty but truth is, all this cheesy stuff makes you see what's most important. She has given us the best gift any human being could give on all occasions of life and that is the gift of love and being hectic, busy, tired, stressed and slightly irritable doing and giving it without being a pain in the ass. I guess when we all become parents (in whatever sense), we'll probably understand how this thing works...

Well, to mom, thank you so much for being the kick-assest mom I could ask for. Thank you for the awesome watch that would probably be like another person to me since it's incredibly big and hardcore...Don't you worry, my next stop is to get myself a sterling pick-up truck, splurge on all these outdoorsy stuff and seriously go on an adventure. I mean it. The reason why this G-Shock watch shocked me to a love affair was because it inspired me to go out and explore the world. I'm 21 years old and the closest I've had to an adventure was hailing a cab on a bad Friday's tough, but not as adrenaline-pumping as a mountain trek to the moon...THAT's the plan. And because it's also such an interesting watch that fits quite well with my collection of watches from my granddad, friends and my dad. 

Couldn't wait to get myself those bracelets to pair it with...And of course, that pick-up truck...Soon.

I love you Mom and Merry Christmas!


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