Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Soundtrack of the Year

I'm not yet done with my super year ender post (cause apparently Sky Cable's kinda messed up) and I have piled myself with so many things do before January 3, which explains why I haven't been online so much...(and surprisingly, I'm liking it).
BUT, since I'm all about year enders and stuff, here is MY soundtrack of the year...I was thinking maybe I shouldn't give each song a background information and let the songs speak for themselves, but it'll get misleading, so...Enjoy my year in song...

Onra feat. Reggie B "High Hopes"

The moment I discovered his write up of Gino De La Paz on ROGUE's July issue about mix Asian artists, I knew that Onra's High Hopes would get me smiling for a long, long, long time...It's such an awesome song and for me, it's not as pretentious as other tracks that are sorta like this. This is my anthem of the year...

Eliza Doolittle "Skinny Genes"

Cause she's got a great voice, she's sexy and her songs are cute without spilling too much sugar all over your face.

Maroon 5 "Just A Feeling"

Okay, so it's been a long time since I've cried to a song...This one got me in mad tears. And I'm serious...Why? Let's just say that there are those songs that are good copies of what you've been through, felt during, well, certain times...Maroon 5 not only has an extraordinary album, but this song just knew exactly how it felt...
Katy Perry "Teenage Dream" 
Need I say more?
If this song wouldn't make it to Song of the Year on any lists, I don't know what song ought to be in that place...It's got a great beat, others have taken it too seriously (lighten up intellectuals...), but you'll like it cause you know how it is to be a dream while you're young... Unless, you weren't....

High Highs "Open Season"

The ultimate feel good, careless song and you know it's coming...yeah, it's that song that you play on loop to the beach. 

Norah Jones "Chasing Pirates"
When I'm done running around, this song gets me calmer and happy...Everytime it works.

Far East Movement feat. Ryan Tedder "Rocketeer"
The way I've been dressing lately has been partially because of the video. And yeah, I wish it wasn't just about dressing like a skater, but actually being one...Don't worry, if I do get to learn how to skate, I'll let you know (which is impossible).

Ella Fitzgerald "Goody Goody"
This one, I'll let it speak for itself...

John Mayer "War of My Life"
So it should've been Edge of Desire, but after listening to this one over and over again, I knew that this was something I could better relate to.
Frank Sinatra & Carly Simon "Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry/In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning"

The best song of the Duets album...Seriously. And that's a legendary track right there.

Bon Iver "Re: Stacks"
Search the lyrics...It's the most human of all their soulful songs and I believe that we've gone through this at some point in our lives...

The Boxer Rebellion "Spitting Fire"

If you want something to run to and feel perfectly flying to, this one will do just that...Great stuff.

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