Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

FAO Schwarz always made me feel Christmas when I was young
As for my numbers 2 and 1 on my wishlist, what I really, really want every Christmas is to be able to bring a smile on someone's face.
Somebody sent me a message, days ago, ones that are part of manufactured chains that you send to those who made you smile this year. I got one. And even when I know it's just part of a long chain of people, I still felt at peace with myself that someone out there's smile was because of something I did.

I know it's hell cheesy and way too sweet, but if I could make the whole world laugh and they laughed because they're enjoying themselves, then I'd be pretty happy too.
Christmas does make you warm, fuzzy and less of a cold, cynical shithead, and it's nice to revel in it while it only visits me once a me, I'm not one on Santa's "nice" list.

Of course, there's always God to thank for everything and it's his birthday in a few hours so happy birthday to the man of my life...The only man actually.

I wish everyone's enjoying the company of friends and family and I hope work (and whatever it is that troubles you) won't haunt you tonight and tomorrow. Spare yourselves the pain of it for at least two days and just enjoy and give!

So, Merry Christmas everyone...
Here's to putting more smiles on your faces, smiles that aren't grins or smirks, but genuine, "I just came from FAO Schwarz and it feels great" kind of smiles.


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