Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#7 & #6

James Dean as Cal on East of Eden

Steve McQueen and the American flag 

In Hollywood, there are two men I've started to look up to right after I hit the age of 19, I believe and I regret not liking them at a younger age...
James Dean and Steve McQueen are two icons I will want to wear print shirts of until I'm probably 60 and hopefully fit. 

I mean come on, you know you're tired of them, but you'll, at some point, wonder why the hell does every generation post 50s or 60s fall madly in love with these two?
Answer is, you can't bullshit yourself into becoming one of them or into making two of these...Reason why their icons is cause their always replicated and not quite possible to EVER make someone with the exact same blueprint as theirs, in all sense of it.

And for my crammed "12 Days of Christmas" Wishlist, I'd kill a deer---which I don't really mean, to get these two most awesome images of my idols printed right across my chest on great fitting white shirts. 
THAT's the plan and THAT's the dream.
#7 for Dean and #6 for McQueen.

I like Dean in this photo cause it's his most handsome. I'm watching East of Eden and I think people have placed too much on Rebel Without A Cause...Dean felt more relatable in Eden for me and he looked so impressive and stunning in the movie. 

McQueen here, with the American flag pretty much is a statement shirt. It says so much without saying anything at all, right?  I like how it seems so patriotic, and how it also reads like it's a careless, detached cool that McQueen's known for.

There are more photos of the two that I personally like. Like McQueen's motorcycle license (?)  if there is such a thing and if that's what you call it. And also Dean's pretty candid photo of him, looking at a plaque and all his handsome bed of hair on display...
Nice look Steve!


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