Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Austrian Werner Schreyer looking all timeless and rugged for British GQ

Unlike most of the awesome people I know, I'm not the kind who fusses over clothes so much...Or at least, that's my ultimate goal: to build a handsome wardrobe full of clothes with little precious things in it and the rest are chic, easy and all unfussy.
To lord over all of that I believe is a sterling denim shirt...I once salivated over expensive Ralph Lauren ones that aren't as taxing on the wallet, but since I have no job yet and my mom's idea of a denim shirt has nothing to do with labels, it's pretty expensive.
For Christmas, I want to get myself a denim shirt...Any brand would do just as long as it looks perfect on me, like this one on Werner Schreyer, which is from DIESEL.

That's a gift idea for you. If you have a guy or girl friend whose style is quite similar to mine, it's a perfect present I believe.


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