Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The New Boys in Town

This post could also figure as my #9 on my 12 days of Christmas wishlist, since these three are cover stories for three amazing magazines, GQ, NYLON Guys & W magazine.
What an awesome way to start the new year, right?
I mean, man crush galore! Kidding.
No but seriously, these three are like 2011's most notorious boys who'll probably populate all the movies, magazines, news, series and possibly, perfume campaigns and music charts.
I could already see their future and I know it's not such a leap, but this three will pretty much go legendary soon.

I know for sure that Ryan Gosling could pass as a moody, new day James Dean (I'm sorry Franco, but I think Gosling can pull it off...I still think you're great though and you look like Jimmy). Michael Pitt is quite a rarity I must say. He's moody too but he feels the most indie of them all. Garrett Hedlund, well, is all action-packed looking and I'd say he'd make a good Bond in the future, IF, he'll take on a Bond-y image. Actually Gosling could to.

P.S. Check out Ryan Gosling's all steel blue look..It's crazy...He'll turn every respectable man into little girls when you look into those eyes.


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