Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Timely Showdown

Mr. Ryan Kwanten for GQ Australia December 2010

Mr. Steve McQueen for Harper's Bazaar February 1962

James Franco for GQ December 2010

Here's a showdown...
I was looking at Michael Pitt's NYLON Guys photos online and I stumbled upon Ryan Kwanten's Australian GQ cover for this month (above). Immediately, I knew that they took the inspiration from Steve McQueen's Harper's Bazaar 1962 cover.
I've been battling with creative shots in my head for graduation, cause knowing myself, it's a big deal...Which is pathetic. But anyway, there...I've thought about doing a James Dean for it, then I thought about doing the Harper's Bazaar cover of McQueen instead cause I liked how it looked.
Then, I realized that James Franco's GQ cover for this month too, is reminiscent of those moody, black and white photos of James Dean...
And now, I'm like...CRAP!
Which creative shot should I do?
And the reason why it's creative is cause I don't look like a McQueen or a Dean...But I do love them both and I know they weren't in good terms when they were both alive and kicking, but if I were born a different time, a different person and in their company (not a Brando, not a Clift, probably a Newman, not sure if I'm a 
Hudson either...) I'd burn that awful wall between them and make a trio of cool, awesome actors that are to be legends someday.

So...Which one should I go for?
Personally, even if I'm all James Dean, I think the McQueen cover's awesome. I just need sexy hands...

Now, breathe...take a look at all four photos and the times they all come from and the actors and don't you think it's all so timely? It's creepy...


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