Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Zodiac Romance

PISCES...great colors and amazing styling

LIBRA, my sign and my favorite (it's not obvious right?)

SAGITTARIUS has such an awesome look, concept and colors...
LEO looking all warm in Lanvin

British VOGUE, you have got me drugged.
I'm one huge zodiac sign person, I know, it's all grammatically wrong (and I'm lazy to edit this out), but I just couldn't stop myself from admiring British VOGUE's latest story by Tim Gutt, Shona Heath and Kate Phelan with Siri Tollerod as their model. The story is all about the zodiac signs in the latest fashions.
And I thought fashion today was losing its romance and spark (in my opinion, 2007-2008 was really a good run for fashion)...
Of course, I am in love with Libra. Why wouldn't I? I'm one.
But I do like the others as well...Like Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo.
This reminds me of vintage ads, maybe from the 50s, I'm not quite sure. But it's amazing. Tyra's America's Next Top Model version has got nothing on this.


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