Friday, November 5, 2010

An Influencer

So I had Chrome open, with Facebook on while some British girl read to me This Side of Paradise when I felt the itch to check out my latest updates on Facebook.
Right then there, one of my classmates and friends back in senior year in highschool, Paolo Ramos (who by the way has been a secret yet constant reference of mine when it comes to style from among the few stylish citizens during our high school lives) posted the link of INFLUENCERS on my wall.
If you are my contact on Facebook, you probably have seen this wall post but if you're not, it's not really that relevant. Point is, Paolo Ramos---I call him "idol" cause he really is worth it, has been one of those kids you watched out for in the future, cause he just exuded a certain calm about himself, like he was so sure of his skills and abilities and talents and up to this very day, I still look forward to seeing his name somewhere truly important...

Thank you Paolo for this. I've already thanked him for it on Facebook...

SO, INFLUENCERS will probably get your heart beats racing. It's New York f-ing City, it's got that Iconoclast feel to it and it's about the makings (I believe) of the world's future taste makers. After this, it'll be pretty difficult to shut my eyes and go to sleep.
Again, thank you Paolo my friend...See you when we get there, real soon.


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