Monday, November 8, 2010


I could never thank Paolo Ramos enough for remembering me and sharing it when he saw Influencers. It's a pretty amazing documentary that manages to pack your brains right and leave you excited for tomorrow in a span of less than 15 minutes. It's not just cause it's New York City (and that will never be a sellout reference/inspiration ever) that sets such a romantic yet realistic backdrop for the entire film, but it's cause of the things these important people say about inspiration, our generation, the powers we have been gifted with and the people who have gone before us, paving the ways for greatness and achieving it.
Of course it's the Coltrane too and all that awesome jazz and---I'm guessing---hip hop music that they used that made Influencers all too incredible, but it still is the sort of challenge they'd imposed on people like me and my contemporaries for being the best kinds of people we know we ought to be in the near future.

Dao-Yi Chow, Creative director of Public School probably had said one of the most striking things from the documentary. That real cool is when you're alone and it shows what you're really made of is exactly what constitutes coolness.
And when fashion editor Josh Peskowitz sort of summed up the entire documentary (well, not really the whole thing but the first part of it cause there's still a continuation) he really made a big impression on me that'll inspire me every single time I wake up. He said that this moment is one exciting time to live in because of all that we have and he's just as excited as we are for the future's new icons...

After watching it, I told myself to never complain about boredom, never slack off again and continue to be hungry for new and better things...We're all so susceptible to settling or complaining about new things when we don't know what to settle for and where to aim ourselves at, which I believe has to change...After Influencers, I have taken it upon myself to allow influence in and in turn, hopefully sometime soon, be the influence to others as well. I know this generation of ours has so much to offer and if it's going out on a limb, I think I've already met some (among thosands) of the future's icons our country will definitely look up to.

Today, I have become my own inspiration and pray and work hard to be one to others soon.

Do watch the film, it's amazing. If you like Iconoclasts and The September Issue, this'll surely be one of your favorites.


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