Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Future

The original Thomas Crown Affair

After running, I took a bath and in my head pressed rewind from minutes prior to turning on the faucet to my first glimpse of day in the morning, and I thought, well, I'm this close to the future and what have I got to do.
Of course I aim to be a writer. For me, it doesn't matter what I'm writing about, just as long as I get to write great material. The money, will of course find its way into my life...But what I really, really want to do is write.

Now, I am faced with life changing options. After college I plan to apply for a magazine job here and if I do make it great, then I wouldn't have to move back to America. My sister and I were born there and my mom has sort of conditioned us that the future is in fact in America. But since we're pretty much comfortable here and educated to pursue a future in our own country (besides we're pure Filipinos anyway) my sister and I believe a good life here is always possible.
Still, I'm thinking about my options and keeping my door to the future as open as I could. I keep praying to God that he'd hopefully slap me with a big fat sign that says "choose this instead of that." Despite my ways, I still am a big Catholic kid and I have always believed in God's surprising ways. And I never expected that today, he'd finally give it to me.

Days ago, I posted something I saw on Valet Magazine on my fashion blog THE EDGE. Of course I had to post it cause it involved two things I really love: sunglasses and Steve McQueen. Basically it was all about classic Persol sunglasses inspired by McQueen's very own, worn in the original The Thomas Crown Affair. And Persol will be launching a line inspired by the movie icon next month. Anyway, I never knew that that short post had sewed its way into one of The Boston Globe's editor's laptops. So, he e-mailed me. Hours ago. Asking me if I wanted to do some writing for my own and that he'd hook me up with someone related to the iconic movie The Thomas Crown Affair. Someone very important. I told him it'd be great but then I was here in Manila and it was impossible to do a face-to-face interview with that someone he wanted me to talk to. He told me I ought to let them know when I'd be back in the US. So we both agreed to do an e-mail Q&A. I'm having my fingers crossed that I'd pull through with this story. If it fails, then it'll all be good.

What I value here is the sign. I am happy God has showed me where to head for my future. To that Boston Globe editor, thank you. God bless your sweet soul. And of course, thank God for this. The most surprising thing is, every single time I get big news (of course news that are very important to me) I feel smaller and actually threatened. I expected that I'd be proud of it all. But I'm not. I just keep telling myself that these are all blessings...And I actually feel more pressured to be my best and do the best. Well, I guess it's off to the United States of America after college.
I'll keep praying for that...
And of course, I'll keep praying that hopefully, all of us would be real influential people in the near, near future. Wouldn't that be the coolest if all of us would be featured in one of TIME's future issues featuring their 100 most influential? That'd be a dream come true.

Steve McQueen, you have just turned my James Dean relationship shaky.


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