Thursday, September 23, 2010

Missing Gucci

Dear Gucci,

The closest I ever got to you is your perfume: Gucci Pour Homme II.
I developed the maddest love affair with your 2007 Fall release (I think) when my sister and I were criticizing perfume and make-up ads on our boring plane ride from Tokyo to Detroit. I came across the smoky face of then number one male model, Matthias Lauridsen and saw that beautiful azure and gold cube and I told myself, "that's the closest you could ever get to Gucci (at this time)".
So I got it.

I remember buying the biggest bottle at Macy's or some other department store in Memphis the day before we went back home and had made sure that the way I packed my luggage was all in accordance to the "blue box". After that, I was married to your perfume. I felt extra special on rare night outs like that one time I attended this debut of a friend wearing a tux and this on. I was poisoned by it like a snake's fang burying deep through my bones.

I also remember mom coming home from the states with the best of things wrapped in a huge white plastic bag...magazines upon magazines and the best perfume set I've ever received. I practically cried. Even some of my classmates had known me because of this scent. This sweet, masculine and sort of toxic scent that smelled its best at night and during the colder climes of the year.

And everytime I visited local department stores and found out that this bottle cost me my legs , I thought it was time to let go of the Gucci Pour Homme II relationship. I changed it up and headed on to a more appropriate, energetic scent that suited Manila's weather.

I still dream of you Gucci Pour Homme II and I am waiting for you to come back. Your newer ones don't fit my pathetic body chemistry. This has probably got to be the most beautiful scent I've worn in my life. Please make more. Cause it fits me like second skin.

I miss you Gucci.

P.S. I'm going crazy. I have to get some sleep.


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