Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Me pouting cause it's the best thing to do

Tj waiting for his "goal"

happy Cindy

We went to the ROGUE party last night and I felt like a kid lost in an adult world's playground.
I don't party...And when I do, it's a rare, rare occasion. Most of the guests were way older than us...It seemed more like a business party than the ones we usually know and go to. Which I actually appreciated more.
The only thing I did was drink as much as I could. Oh and stalk Mark Nicdao. I'm kidding. I was wearing glasses and I saw him and since I was a huge fan of his work, I had to talk to him.
Stupid me, I didn't bring a pen or take a picture with the man. Well, there's always next time. I did like what I wore last night. I don't do blazers a lot and when I do, it's for special events.
More photos to come...
We waited for the ROGUE team, but their center table at the club was occupied by women I didn't know. But Tj told me that that was their table and I didn't see L.A. or Mr. Ugarte (two of the ROGUE men I've actually met months ago). I wanted to shake their hands again and thank them...
And hopefully do an on-the-spot job application/interview. hahaha. I'm kidding

Thanks to two of the bestest, sexiest people in the world for tagging along:Tj Estrada and Cindy Anastacio. I might've died if I went alone.
We had fun...In our own little way. I promised them next year, if we'll get us friends to talk to and socialize with.
Off to school...
Enjoy the blurry photos.


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