Friday, August 20, 2010

Mr. Pavarotti

I didn't grow up listening to opera or classical music.
My vaguest memory of Pavarotti when I was young was hearing his singing, vibrating against our walls one afternoon cause of my grandparents' late after-lunch viewing of The Three Tenors on tape. That's it. I tried to watch, gaping at them stretch their, superhuman vocal chords to achieve superhuman singing and I thought it was beautiful, sure, but I couldn't understand why.

I grew older and these various exposures to all kinds of music, thanks to the internet, friends and education and I somehow understood the beauty of opera better. Couldn't really say though that I understand the songs they sing, but I know it's moody and it makes you want to sit straight, button up your suit and exert effort in opening your ears, cause this is singing in such a pure, powerful form.

I wish we'd be more exposed to such genres...And this is probably my course kicking in.
Good night friends.


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