Friday, August 20, 2010

The Model Wannabe

Inspired by Sean O'pry's way too perfect ZARA Spring 2010 ad.
The "Julian", my grandfather's watch and my favorite bracelets.
Photographed by Lesley

So Lesley knows that I still haven't warmed up enough for her lenses to be able to capture great pictures of me...
I'm not the best-looking person in town and it takes a master photographer to fake that I'm good-looking.
Of course we all want to be model-perfect when in front of the camera, but I guess it's not always possible, especially in my case (smug face).
I was channeling the "I'm so hot, I can't even close my mouth anymore" look and I look like I just farted. I swear, you could hear it, right, while your looking at me and my photo? And it sounds something like a big prrrfffttttt...
Hey, at least it appeals to more than one of your senses and that makes an experience (Oh crap, my humanities professors would nod their heads at this).
I crack myself up.

I think I need modeling lessons...You know, from people who look awesome in front of the camera. Then again, if this is what nature has given me, I guess I gotta work it. Beauty is in the inside anyway....It's just too bad people can't see it! hahahahaha.
No, seriously, I have to warm myself up to Lesley more so that we could produce photos that seem real and good to look at.
I challenge you, Lesley, my sweet, sweet, talented photographer to capture me in my best moments.
I think my mom would be a very good photographer of me. She's an amazing photographer when it comes to me and my sister. And that's cause I guess she knows us the most and knows our best features and when to snap the right shot.

Oh well.
I am truly a model wannabe. To the models, the real ones, I praise you for doing such an amazing (and tough) job. It's one of the world's most intimidating situations and jobs to be in and I really admire them for doing impeccably well.



  1. Let's be creative! hahaha...I really love your photo of Bryle. Ganda...Inggit me!
    And I realized something...I think I look better when I'm smiling. Not fishing. hahaha...
    If only I could pay you. :( But great talent has no monetary value...

  2. You're paying me with exposure, haha! If that's counted. :)) Hopefully I end up making a career out of my photography skills and be successful. :)

    I really like the picture of you smiling. :D :D
    And you're always welcome! :D