Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Humbling

Huge sweater looks like a football attire here.
Again, thanks mom for the handsome shoes (new favorite pair).
Photos by the great, Lesley Choa.

New hair cut that looks like a troll's.
The day I went to school with this hair, a lot had something to say ab
out it. Most of the people I know liked it, others, the ones close to me, mock it like Lawrence my pseudo-brother. I hate him to pieces that it sometimes must be love. He always makes sure that he pisses me off and I guess that's the role of older brothers. And by the way, he's 35 years old, so he's really old...He just looks young. Then a philosophy professor in school came up to my friend this afternoon and he looked and at me and said:
"You know, you remind me of something my wife gave me in the 80s. The one you water so that it grows..." I immediately understood that it was my hair and I laughed. He reaches his hand to me and smiles.
"Don't worry, I understand. It's all fashion."
I'll befriend you sir, don't you worry.

It is an unconventional haircut, but I think it still falls on the tamer kind compared to other cool hairstyles. Everytime I look at myself in the mirror, I see an Asian Cock (that doesn't sound good...I know, but I meant, you know, chicken) and then apply some wax/gum on it and feel a little better. But hey, I like it this way. If people fin
d it humorous, it's a plus for me and for them. Just don't comment on it when I'm in a bad mood...Not the best time to be friendly with me. But when I'm rapture and we're chums, go ahead.

Aj Pangilinan by Lesley Choa

I love how AJ (my dear friend) and I wore brown shoes to school today. I love my shoes (thanks Mom) and I love AJ's too. Brown is a color---for me---that grows on you. It's not a color you instantly pick when you're young, but it's most definitely one to keep and invest on especially when it comes to the finer things like watches, shoes, jackets. Simply because it's a classic color. It's neutral and it never goes out of style (the only thing that happens to it is that it takes a backseat, allowing other colors like grey to take the
spotlight). I decided not to put AJ's look on Institution of Style since AJ had promised herself that she'd stay away from it, even if she's the only one Lesley had tak
en a photo of today. So, instead, she's here for Salt. I love what she wore today. She should thank God for that spankin' body, cause it'd be hard to pull off something like this, if she's not, you know, this svelte. I love AJ, I seriously do. Even though she's loud around 87% of the time, she's incredibly fun to be with and when it comes to managing finances, this is the woman to go to. Plus she's got us into a private sale months ago and I will forever be thankful for that. She's awfully smart and she makes perfect sense a lot of times, sometimes though not when it comes to fashion. I'm happy I got to chat with her, for at least five minutes or something like that this afternoon. Next week, I promise, we should all bond and talk about something very important.

Oh, before I head off to sleep, I want to thank the wonderful people over at Sportswear International.
I blogged about their latest issue, the one with the fantastic denim-collar-biting Alex Dunstan on the cover and "befriended" the magazine (that sounds weird. Befriending a magazine) last night. I liked and commented on the cover and had been trading short comments with a person, in charge of the magazine's Facebook page. They linked me an online version of the magazine, with only selected pages from the issue and I was soooooo happy I wanted to strangle myself. I clicked through the online version of the magazine and the sound of flipping pages just made me excited to leaf through the actual thing. So I blogged about wanting to receive it, on my birthday, this October with all the pretty little details of it (how it's wrapped in this and that), hoping that one of my friends would chance upon the entry, go online and click away for the issue to happen here, on my doorstep.

And guess what God had made possible just hours ago?
One of the people working for the magazine had forwarded this blog to one lady named Anna, who also works for Sportswear International. So, I check my mail right, to get Lesley's photos for today's look post and there was one e-mail there, I didn't recognize that read "A little bird told me about your birthday wish..."...You know damn well that I f-ing freaked out when I opened it and read through it quickly, but vigilantly.
Bottom line is, they're sending me the latest issue through MAIL soon. I don't know if it's really straight from Germany, but Anna's e-mail address says it is from Germany.
My jaw just dropped, dead on the floor and I screamed for a good seven minutes until I ran out of breathable air.

This has got to be one of the best, early presents I'll ever receive in the nearly 21 years of my simple existence. I know people get huge packages and great e-mails from the world over and this seems like a tiny thing. Celebrities, I'm sure would get e-mails from Lagerfeld, saying "Oh darling, you're so precious...Precious enough to receive three bags from my new collection. Enjoy" and that this one I received seems incredibly boring.
But for me, it's a perfect, perfect, perfect e-mail and package.
Receiving just the mere online version of the magazine is enough to keep me awake, what more finding out that one of the coolest fashion publications in the world decided to send an issue (with a fantastic cover) as a gift? I'd probably phone my friends up this moment and invite them over for a party.
This is too perfect for me. I may be over-reacting, but I'm sure you will feel the same way in some other sense.

Truly humbling. And to the awesome people behind Sportswear International, I could NEVER thank you enough. Could NOT wait for the issue to arrive. I'll reserve energy for it. Thanks Anna. (insert one fat smile right here).

P.S. I hope I get my issue signed by the editor...Wouldn't that be the coolesssttt?!



  1. i love your new hair!!!

  2. Oh wow...SO fast! hahaha..
    My fake brother, calls it the MC Hammer. :( hahahaha...