Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Life

Who traveled the world today?
I did. I fell asleep in California, woke up to the view of a vineyard up in Provence, checked out a fountain pen so beautiful, it's only made in Barcelona and had went back home to a dinner of aroz caldo in Manila.
All that, in less than 24 hours (cause before heading to France, I was asleep).
Jealous? Be my guest. Be jealous alright.

I wish all that were true. This is how it happened: I was reading DETAILS last night, about America and how some great things are made in California, I woke up to watch---for the second time---one of the most stylish films of late, A Good Year, where it's as dreamy a provincial life is when it's in Provence and you're enjoying it with Russel Crow's super cool wardrobe and Marion Cottilard's sexy French, The Shadow of the Wind is the book I've long been planning to buy and it's incredibly beautiful since Zafon (with the help of Robert Graves' daughter as translator) writes like a painter, taking you to the smallest eskinitas of Barcelona in his novel and finally, dinner, after my 20-minute exercise, was delicious. All that, again, without spending. How I wish life were really that wonderful.
Well, thanks to the humanities (no biases here okay...films, literature, art, all that are under the humanities) we get to experience a slice of the good life.

Someday though, I'll make sure it's more than just a slice.
Before you go to bed, check out my latest article for THE EDGE (click!)...I'm so proud of it, just because I have been productive in the blogosphere. And while you're at it, follow it too.

Good night friends and let's all dream of the good life...


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