Monday, August 2, 2010

Most Lesley

Here is an open letter/dedication to one of the most promising photographers out there...

Oh Lesley, I am but a fool. Something must've been wrong with my Facebook cause I was online, at around one in the morning and I didn't see your name on the side, where all the birthday people are. Anyway, I forgot who told me all about your special day and I feel like such an a-hole for not knowing why you were so happy. Again, apologies for not seeing the signs. There was pizza (which you offered me some but I was too shy, too self-absorbed and too busy mental listing to get myself a slice) in the caf and you looked so pretty and there were tons of your singing friends and I still couldn't tell.

Well, I made up for it, right?

Happy happy birthday. You still have about 4-5 hours of having fun now and I wish you'd go crazy over these next few hours while you still can. If you have class tomorrow, then that's good, because the only best thing about celebrating your birthday on a school night is that you could always nurse a hangover the next day and actually feel like it makes incredible sense.

God bless your sweet, talented soul. I hope you stay alabaster white for the rest of your life and I really pray you pursue photography...If you have the money (which I know you do), head up New York, or any inspiring not-Asian country to learn photography. Spain's incredibly great and obviously France is a must.

You have the talent and you know your style, so why not sharpen it and make it better?

Go have fun and be thankful for giving you such a wonderful life (even if I know so little about it). God is seriously good and he has been super good to you....And your camera.

More days, weeks, months and beautiful years to come... Thank you for being a great photographer.

See you around LESSSSSS.....

Much Love



  1. I love her photos from the UAP fashion blog! Following/stalking this blog, Gerard! This inspires me to blog again. HAHA.

    Hey. She's very talented.... HUME rin siya which makes it better!
    hahaha...YES! Finally, I have a stalker. Kidding. Update your blog so I could read too. Following you in a few minutes. :D