Monday, August 2, 2010

Light Humor

See, I had planned the most elaborate, cool-weather outfit for today. I promise you it would've looked fantastic.
Then the morning sun came in its perky, super warm self and I remembered "Gerard, you're in the Philippines...This ain't Russia."
Heck, even Russia's scorching. Not that I've been there...I just saw it on TV how---anyway, I'm rambling.

Do you like it? Do you think my thighs are juicy? You could make a burger out of that and feed a lot of---okay, none of those jokes.
I personally liked it only after my sister said I look fine and Aaron Articulo (the talented photographer) said "you actually look good on the photos." Yeah, I was actually fishing. No, I'm kidding. I have such low self-esteem (yeah I know, even in this rate) that I have to always ask people about how I look.

But you know what? I'm my own worst critic. I only believe I'm ugly if I think I'm ugly. Right? So, I encourage all of you, to get up on your feet, strip off those fancy clothes, raise your hands in the air and tell yourself that you're pretty. Welcome to Tyra, where all good things come to an end after thirty minutes.
Inner beauty is such a cliche. But it's true. That's probably why ultra-warm shows like Tyra get billions out of it. People by nature want to feel great about themselves, and you rarely get that on cynical TV.

Why am I talking about inner beauty again?
Forget about it. I have this tendency to go about things without realizing where I came from. That's why I have offended a lot of people. Trust me. I've been notorious since high school. Anyway, I hope it'll be cool sometime soon. I don't wish for too much rain cause we know what happens. I don't wish for winter (though I joke about it all the time) cause millions would die. But God knows what I want. If ever there came a time that our days would be like windy Spring mornings in New York, I'd roll down a hill, naked and be so happy...When I reach the bottom, I'd die of frost bite.

Thank you so much Mr. Aaron Articulo for the Camila Akrans-like photo. This is your style, keep it and be happy. Oh and don't ever tell me that you're doing a "mediocre job" on photography. I can't even operate a microwave and here you are, taking great photos with your...thingy...(Of course I know how to operate a microwave)
Remember, don't ever be proud. Why? Just check my Facebook status to get what I mean.

Good night kids. I hope I have more stories to share soon.

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