Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here we go

If you're a fashion kid, or a fashion-literate one, you know very well that September is the "January of fashion..." (you go Candy Pratts). There might be fireworks, but it's basically a month-long celebration of Fall fashion, where most of the time, it's all about more glamorous clothes (even if the aesthetics of the times go for spare dressing) and it's all shiny and sparkly and new despite the darker and colder months ahead. Imagine waking up early on a day where the night's going to be about a grand ball the entire city's heading to, and you take the entire day preparing, getting things done so by the time the clock strikes 12, it's just going to be about you and the best dressed people you know. That's how September feels for the up-there fashion royalty. And your invitation to the night's most spectacular ball are the September issues. If you've made it to the September issues, you matter.

Here are some of the September issues (above) that you'd be seeing round the newsstands. Take your best pick. (Personal favorite is of Giselle) (in order: Natasha Poly for Nippon VOGUE, Kate Moss for British VOGUE, Katherine McNeil for Australian VOGUE & Giselle Bundchen for Harper's Bazaar UK)...
source: models.com

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