Monday, August 2, 2010

Carmen says Goodmorning

Carmen Kass by Paolo Kudacki from GQ

I had a bad dream and I feel like crap today. It's 9:20 am, I have just one class an hour later. Cutting is just as tempting as a jolt of caffeine shot through the veins. Why am I so down?
I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just sooooo...out of it. Like I have a hangover or something.
I'll fix me whatever. An ice cold bath probably, to wake me up. Anyway, there's nothing more inspiring than great, sexy, classy, photography. Shot by Paolo Kudacki, meet one of the best faces and models our time has ever seen: Carmen Kass.
And she says Good morning. Greet her back...
Pay respects....

By the way, I had the strangest visit of inspiration last night. Chuckie, my director for my first ever play, has asked me to write him a new one. One that is incredibly touching and sweet. And for some reason, it had hit me last night, in the darkest of hours. It's nothing new. It's not a ground-breaking plot. But I think it has all the formulas of a heavy yet heart-warming drama. I don't know, it seems like the dramas I've been doing have never been light. I just can't seem to do such featherweight plays. I hope I could pen it one of these days, just to at least save the idea. Oh well, I'm off to school. I have millions to do and friends to chat with.
See you friends.


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