Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mail Time!

It's this monstrous, sophisticated pile that's sitting next to my bed now a days, with DETAILS and GQ and Esquire
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In the movies it's always some dude sipping coffee in the morning, wearing soft pyjamas and a beaten up, clean t-shirt when a package comes to him. Inside it is whatever piece of treasure that'll surely make his life incredibly better or worse. It could always be a bomb right? Well, in my case it's not as ideal but it's just as guhreaaatttt. It was past 12 noontime and I was stuck in the kitchen peeling an orange (I'm still sick so it's best to keep dosing up on Vitamin C) while it poured down outside. Then, Mang Jack---our pointy-nosed temporary driver---calls out my name from the front door and next to him was the 2G0 guy. I knew that what he brought for me was something really really special.

IT'S MOTHER F-ING ROGUE magazine...landing on my door step on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Isn't that just charming? It's so charming and exciting, I want to buy myself Kobe Beef-fed Lobsters for merienda (what excess). Of course it is! Well, it's awfully special for a billion reasons. But the best one is that it's a sort of gift for me. From who? I'd probably never tell. And mind you, it's not just any subscription. It's a certain kind of special subscription. (I am laughing at myself right now for being so pathetic). Bottom line is, I love receiving packages and mails and magazines from whoever. I don't know but there's something exciting about hearing the door bell and unexpectedly seeing a delivery man waiting for you to receive a treasure in a closed, sealed and wraped package. It gives me goosebumps all the time.

To the ROGUE people, thank you so much. I can't write it down now how awfully grateful I am (and for what specific reasons) for your saucy, glossy and mega classy publication, but you do know that I am a fan. Sometimes, when I see their latest issue online, I save the photo right away and find myself staring blankly at my page, trying to put to words my unconditional admiration for the magazine. It's just that brilliant that I, a being of trillion words, run out things to say. And sometimes, I ask myself, will ROGUE ever be ugly? Fortunately never. The men and women behind it dedicate their lives to heavenly standards that it's impossible for ROGUE to go fug. My classmate Mr. JJ Calero has nothing but good words for this publication...Apparently he knows some people there and has this to say: "It's a great publication."

Well, this is just one issue (and the start of the coolest subscription EVER) and I am having all fingers crossed---as always---that their September one would be a notch higher than their usual greatness (since it is the Style and Design issue).

Could NOT wait for September...


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