Saturday, July 31, 2010


I guess having this photo taken on a different location would've made it all better. The sun was too much and with less of it, my shirt would've looked more denim blue than chambray grey.
I liked what I wore yesterday...Chambray shirt and khaki trousers are too summer staples and that's cause they're very comfortable. Besides, I was sick sick yesterday and having to look great was just too hard for me (hahahaha).
Now that it's on photo, I could dissect my khaki's shape. They usually look best when they're folded but I couldn't do that now since I'm still suffering from bad scars because of wearing those relatively new desert boots (curse you boots for being so beautiful yet incredibly painful). Do you guys think I should have my trousers trimmed? Have it cut slimmer?
Oh well. Lax style is at times liberating, especially after wearing tight jeans for days after days.

P.S. Anybody who wants to be my tailor? Call me. E-mail me. Tweet me.

I'd be blogging later about something I received hours ago. Something special and soft and glossy and new. As of now, it's a date with George and T.S. Eliot.


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