Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Humanist

I'm done with my Antigone essay for tomorrow's Greek Plays class and all I'm waiting for are pictures for Institution of Style.
I also read George Elliott's essay about the tragedy, and what with all these readings on literature and art and history and philosophy, I suddenly realized something more---better even---about my course of studies.

I'm currently taking Humanities in the University of Asia & the Pacific and if there's one great thing I've learned in my senior about my course it's this:

You ought to shut up, open your damn ears and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait until you finally have the best words to say.

Before humanities I'd just blabber and care less about its weight on people, things and the world. Now, whatever comes out of my mouth is definitely NOT silly noise. I make sure that whatever it is I have to say about anything it makes damn sense. Even jokes. Nobody jokes jokes that aren't funny...And in the humanities that's what they teach you.

They teach you to make smart jokes, utter things that are relevant and could always be discussed in intelligible discourses and most of all, open your ears and mind to what the great world has to offer about millions and billions of sensible things.

And that's just one great thing about my course...


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