Thursday, July 29, 2010


Denim has influenced so much of 2010's style (even 2009 and I'm guessing the next two years too). DETAILS had Channing Tatum on their January 2010 cover in a denim shirt opened to reveal a clean white wife-beater. TEEN VOGUE goes for an issue dedicated to denim for their August 2010 issue. Now the ultra hip and cool NYLON magazine celebrates the iconic Drew Barrymore in an August 2010 issue dedicated to DENIM...
So far my favorite cover of the magazine this year. The olive green pair of shorts, glittery black top and that classic blue denim vest makes an incredibly chic and laid-back look.
When we look back on 2010, denim will most likely be a memorable piece.

Anyone know other magazine covers with denimed models/celebrities on them?

source: Design Scene


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