Thursday, July 29, 2010

Great Grandstyle

above: Look of the day
photographs by Lesley Choa

My pink shirt and that fantastic silver watch were all once belongings of my super stylish granddaddddyyyyy. I love him too much. The silver watch is vintage, from the 70s... (it ain't Rolex and it ain't that expensive I believe) and it really depressed me how I lost some of the gold pieces attached on its face. Now, I just look at it and appreciate how old it is and how the damage adds to its charm. I credit more than half of my closet to him and also my style. I remember putting on Chictopia (back then when I had the account) how my style is all about grandpa chic. You know, long sleeves, jeans and loafers. Now I've been a little more experimental but there are things---stylewise---from him that I keep.
A gift from mom for Christmas 2008. I love these bags so much they have names. Meet Sam...

Like the simplest, no-brainer rule of NEVER LOOKING LIKE SHIT. He goes to the grocery in a clean plaid shirt, curduroy shorts, trusty Birkenstocks and his more-expensive-than-my-soul Rolex. He rarely looks like he doesnt' care, because he does care. When you look into his closet, it's amazing how his selection ranges from the expensive to the unknowns, all of them in good condition and of interesting looks.

Anyway, I'll save some of the "lolo style" dissertation for THE EDGE. Right now, I am all about the watch shots. Thanks to Lesley Choa who took such amazing photos of me today. She knows alright, how much I am engaged with watch shots and I have her, Aaron Articulo and the mighty Tommy Ton to blame. DETAILS magazine is doing this sort of "how-to" portion on accessorizing metal watches. It's awesome.
The moment I checked my mail and Lesley's message read "Yours" as the title and "Enjoy" as the body text I wanted to jump for joy. Receiving these pictures felt like holding on to a neatly wrapped gift. And Lesley, you have just made my day. More to come tomorrow (because I will make sure I'll drag her from wherever she is to take super pathetic vain pictures of me for this blog).

Ideally, Salt is your last stop (how Bryle puts it) but for the sake of promotion---because my team deserves appreciation---visit Institution of Style for today's updates.



  1. Aww, omg.. I'm so touched. :) You're always welcome, Gerard. :) I don't mind you DRAGGING ME because I very much love what I do, taking photographs and everything. Most especially if it also includes another interest of mine and that is fashion. Most of the time, I can't say no to a job that calls for a photographer. :)

    Until next time! :D

  2. :D That's why I told you, PURSUE PHOTOGRAPHY. You just might be the next Sart or Jak and Jil. :D
    TOMORROW's next time. hahaha

  3. HAHAHA WOW, I hope so. Most definitely will try (and want!) to pursue photography after graduating. :)

    Alright, just text me! :D