Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Style Style Style

Shot by Aaron Articulo for Institution of Style.

Still could NOT get over how Aaron does such great pictures...Look at how those lights blur in the background. The reason why I love Lesley Choa and Aaron Articulo is because they both have perfect eyes (not literally) and they are so different when it comes to aesthetics. Aaron goes for romantic, almost dreamlike style while Lesley takes it sharp and then softens some of the other spaces of the photograph, teasing the eyes and sort of practicing its limits. Such wonderful talents.
Maika Cruz and Bryle Penamante are two of the most promising stylish kids in school...I mean, this is UA&P and a lot of people in school have such incredible taste and faith in fashion, but these two are at a whole new level. I love them both and I wouldn't be surprised if they'd end up in great publications or fantastic fashion houses in the future. They have such keen senses when it comes to spotting real style.

And this kid, Tonito De Ocampo...amazing. I could say he has SALT style. So little effort that stretches a long, long way...

Aren't you inspired? It's only natural for people to surround themselves with such awesome talent and cool style right? Thank God for them.

Check out more from Aaron, Lesley, Tonito and the rest of the stylish gang on my blog Institution of Style.

Now, it's time for me to go to bed...

P.S. I'm still waiting for my boss' text, pray that he'd text me real soon.



  1. True true, love Aaron and Lesley's shots.

  2. They're so talented it's sometimes annoying. Kidding...Super love your shot by Aaron.