Friday, February 8, 2013

Pull(ing) Me Down

Couldn't get enough of Mikky Ekko's Pull Me Down. Literally pulling me down here Mikky, you sound amazing it hurts. But really, I'm glad he has an official music video for this. Some of us mainstreamers have spotted the talent through Rihanna, which might be quite a long shot for other listeners--because you'll really find it hard to connect the two if you don't know what Rihanna's capable of aside from the party hits, but they sound well together AND have pulled out from each other, probably plenty of good thanks to their song Stay.

While you're figuring out who to listen to now if you're just like me, floating on a musical limbo, fill up your library with some Mikky Ekko (rhyming unintended). Personally this is a diamond. Like I've said before, it takes you somewhere, into some deep place and that sort of cross between the song's drag and beat does give off that impression of water, as if someone really is pulling you down. The lyrics is genius, I'll probably never get over I want you to know that I've got your back, Even when the whole foundation seems cracked just because it's so honest and candid and believable. And while it may sound like a truly sexy song--cause it is, there's a catch to it that there is always that chance that while he's offering herself to her completely, there's not one bit of assurance that she will pull him down. Hurts, I know, I know. But like most painful, beautiful songs, you'd just might want to take the risk cause if it sounds this delicious, I'm all in.

Check out Stay with Rihanna. Also Feels Like the End for something pretty (and) tragic. Sedated is more upbeat and could verge on some rocky vibe, but then it gets all cool and mellow, I couldn't even describe it properly anymore! He sounds like he could do a great bluesy record one day, I don't know. Just because I always like the challenge and the effect when singers get out of their element. I'm having my eyes on Mikky. While he sounds very familiar (Ryan Tedder), the overall feel to his songs combined with his high, soothing voice creates an atmospheric sound, like we're all always in slow motion, running through woods or swimming off in too far...And it's alll good. You'd like your music to take you away somewhere else, right?

- Gerard

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