Sunday, February 10, 2013


Everyone's here!
Photo by Felix Octa

To my dear batchmates and to all the guys who've graduated from Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, we will see you all there, at school, on Saturday, February 16, 2013. In behalf of team 07 (batch 2007), I'm personally inviting everyone to drop by and celebrate with us. Just give us a minute of your time and we'll be happy to see you. Besides, it's rare for us to come back home anyway, might as well make it worth the while right? We present to you, Team 07's little teaser. See you all there! 

P.S. Ignore my face please, thanks. AND, I'll be saving the huge post for when everything we've done is with me. Cause Shane is slacking off...I'm kidding...

Team 07 Credits:

The Boss, Mikey Mendoza. Thanks for bringing us ALL together. Good job!
To the 07 core group, y'all are handsome and great men, see you Saturday and BIG thanks for the support and time and help: Lawrence Santos, Keane Landoy, Dean Africa & Miko Abrina
Creative Director, yours truly with the amazing help from my very talented brothers and sisters: Shane Marante, TJ Estrada, Jojo Galan, Dean Africa, Jan Jan Lisondra, Miko Abrina & Jerich Eusebio.
Video by Shane Marante, Dean Africa and Jan Jan Lisondra.
Photographers Miko Abrina and Felix Octa
Music, Marvin Gaye "Sunny" Mercury Edit II from YouTube

And to everyone who made the video possible, thank you, thank you and we will see you on Saturday!

- Gerard

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